In days past, R & B’s mark would invoke the image of shiny beats, slick choreographed dance routines and perfectly shaped vocal runs, the genre applied to soul grooves that were joined to a jazz-based, African-American grove.

ICONZ is more than just your typical ‘R&B’ group, they are four uniquely individual solo artist who has come together as an collectic ICONIC movement who are changing the definition of R&B with their multi-faceted gifts and talents, their work exists and lends itself to a fresh 21st century cultural polished landscape of R&B, Hip Hop and Soul that is rich, all-encompassing and full of creative fire.

ICONZ represent unity, brotherhood, and empowerment and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  They come from a family of musicians, producers, and singers, so they are carrying on the legacy.  There is no lack in this ICONIC movement individually and collectively, their luster is incorporated with astonishing vocals, trend setting personas and moreover when you get them on a stage as a solo artist or together collectively, they light up and perform as ICONZ.  Their new millennium sound creates a distinctive flavor with an energetic style.  

ICONZ talent goes beyond the stage and implodes behind the scenes working for many years as a highly skilled production team.  They have honed their skills as music producers, songwriters, musicians, singers, and entrepreneurs. They have worked behind the scenes with many of the greats such as Tricky Stewart, Teddy Riley, Rihanna, and Jazze Pha.  In addition, ICONZ has performed throughout the country as well as internationally for more than 15 years collectively and as individual artists.

The ICONZ movement is a musical experience by solo artist coming together who embraces sharing through their music the importance of living life to the fullest, walking in unity, peace and love.